Spitfire Hammered Lever on Round Rose – Black


Elevate your space with the Spitfire Hammered Lever on Round Rose in Black. Inspired by the iconic WWII aircraft, this contemporary door handle exudes modern luxury. Crafted from brass and available in Dark Bronze, Italian Brass, and Satin Brass finishes. A symbol of victory and superior design, this handle adds a touch of British craftsmanship to your home. Perfect for those seeking a blend of tradition and modernity in their ironmongery collection.


Introducing the Spitfire Hammered Lever on Round Rose in Black, a sophisticated and striking door handle that exudes elegance and luxury. This exquisite lever handle showcases a unique hammered design on a sleek T-bar cylindrical stem, perfectly complemented by a plain round rose for a contemporary and refined look.

Drawing inspiration from the iconic WWII aircraft, the Spitfire, this door handle pays homage to its groundbreaking design and superior specifications, much like the quality Rolls-Royce engine that powered it to victory. Symbolizing triumph and excellence, the Spitfire became a revered emblem of success for the British forces post-WWII.

Crafted from a base of brass, the Spitfire lever handle is available in a selection of exquisite finishes including Dark Bronze, Italian Brass, and Satin Brass, allowing you to customize your door hardware to suit your interior style and preferences.

Alexander & Wilks, the masterminds behind this exceptional collection, have expertly curated the finest British craftsmanship into a range of ironmongery solutions, blending traditional black forged and cast iron with contemporary CNC machined finishes. This fusion of natural and man-made textures results in a collection that embodies timeless sophistication and superior quality.

Upgrade your space with the Spitfire Hammered Lever on Round Rose in Black, a statement piece that exudes modern luxury and impeccable design, bringing a touch of British heritage and elegance to your home. Elevate your interior with this exquisite door handle that seamlessly blends style, functionality, and history in one exquisite piece of ironmongery.

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