Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard Pull Handle – Black – Centres 160mm


Elevate your kitchen with the sleek and stylish Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard Pull Handle by Alexander & Wilks. Crafted from solid brass, this industrial-inspired handle features knurling for a tactile grip reminiscent of Britain’s industrial revolution. Available in 160mm centres and a striking black finish, this handle combines classic craftsmanship with modern design for a touch of sophistication in your space.


Introducing the exquisite Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard Pull Handle from Alexander & Wilks, a true testament to British craftsmanship and industrial-inspired design. Crafted from solid brass, this handle features a unique knurled texture that not only provides a tactile grip but also adds a touch of vintage charm to any space.

During Britain’s industrial revolution, the art of knurling handles was highly favored for its practicality and durability. Today, knurled handles have made a stylish comeback, particularly in modern country kitchens, where they effortlessly blend tradition with contemporary aesthetics.

The knurling on this cupboard pull handle extends elegantly along its full length and is elegantly complemented by two legs on a small rose, adding a sophisticated touch to the overall design. Available in three different sizes – 128mm, 160mm, and 224mm centres, and a range of exquisite finishes including Antique Brass, Dark Bronze PVD, Polished Chrome, Polished Nickel PVD, Satin Brass PVD, Satin Chrome, and Satin Nickel PVD, this handle offers versatility and customization to suit various design preferences.

Alexander & Wilks is synonymous with the finest British ironmongery, showcasing a blend of traditional craftsmanship and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. Their collection of architectural hardware is a true reflection of beauty and functionality, making a statement in any space it adorns.

Ideal for those seeking a blend of practicality, style, and British heritage, the Crispin Knurled T-bar Cupboard Pull Handle in Black finish is the perfect choice for elevating the aesthetic appeal of any cupboard or cabinet. Choose Alexander & Wilks for unparalleled quality and timeless design in architectural hardware.

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