Adjustable Jamb Mounted Double Chain Closer


“Upgrade your door with our sleek Silver Adjustable Jamb Mounted Double Chain Closer for smooth and secure closure every time.”


Introducing the CDC85SC/R Adjustable Jamb Mounted Double Chain Closer, a sleek and reliable solution for ensuring your doors close securely every time. This high-quality door closer is designed to provide both convenience and security, making it an essential addition to any commercial or residential space.

Crafted in a sophisticated silver finish, the CDC85SC/R blends seamlessly with any door aesthetic, adding a touch of modern elegance to your entryways. The adjustable jamb mounting allows for easy installation and customization, ensuring a perfect fit for your specific door requirements.

With durable construction and precise engineering, this double chain closer offers enhanced stability and performance, guaranteeing smooth and controlled door closure. Whether used in high-traffic areas or private residences, the CDC85SC/R delivers reliable door control, promoting safety and peace of mind for occupants.

Upgrade your door hardware with the CDC85SC/R Adjustable Jamb Mounted Double Chain Closer and experience the perfect blend of functionality, style, and security. Elevate your space with this essential door closer that combines quality craftsmanship with innovative design for a superior closing solution.

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